My Yellow Ochre Skin; a Critique on Colonial Ideas of Color and Race

Take a moment to set aside any preconceived notion of race, good or bad, personal or cultural, and look at your skin very closely. Ask yourself what color is your skin, really? A photo might help. If you were an artist, intending on painting your skin, what color of paint would you reach for as the base. What might that paint be called?

A color chart of some earthy shades of Windsor and Newton brand artist paints.
My Yellow Ochre Face
From “Painting the Head in Oil” by John Howard Sanden
Himba woman with traditional skin paint (from wikipedia), and me, with our Ochre pigment swatches

On here, I write about things relevant for current events, from my perspective. I try to look underneath the events of the day, and see a deeper pattern.

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